General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1How do I contact you?

For a price quote on a cake, existing clients, and all other questions contact us @ +91-9911 370 977 or you can also contact for additional at

2Do you cater for food at home?
Yes we do end to end solutions, right from the layout, cutlery and tables to the wind up.
3Do you have venues for parties as well ?
Yes we do have tie ups with various venues.
4How much does it cost for a Birthday party catering?
The cost of your cake will vary depending upon the size and the complexity of it. Birthday party catering: Starts @ INR 250 per head.
5How much does it cost for a cake?
The cost of your cake will vary depending upon the size and the complexity of it. Birthday party catering: Theme Cake starting at INR 1250 per kg.
6How much cake should I order?

The size you will need depends upon whether you are going to use the cake as a dessert or whether it will be served as a small coffee accompaniment after a meal. Square cakes are slightly bigger than round cakes.

As a guide, a 20cm round cake will be enough to give 30 guests a small piece to have with coffee. If you plan to serve the cake for dessert then the same size cake would enable you to serve 16 guests.

A 20cm square cake will be enough to give 40 guests a small piece to have with coffee or serve 20 guests as dessert.

7Can you make cakes for people with allergies?

Yes, all special needs can be accommodated but all cakes will be baked in an environment where nuts have been present.

The decorating on the cake includes fondant icing, butter cream and all these products can contain sugar and/or dairy products and eggs.

8Can you deliver the cake?

Wedding cakes will always be delivered and set up at the venue and the cost of this will be included in the price quoted.

Other cakes can also be delivered on request but are generally collected by the customer.

9How should I store the cake?

After delivery and before serving the cake at your event, keep it at room temperature in a cool or air conditioned room but not a cold store or refrigerator. Putting the iced cake in a fridge will cause the icing to sweat when you bring it out and it returns to room temperature. This spoils the decoration.

If you have leftover cake and want to keep it for a long time you can freeze it. However if you expect to eat it within a few days, simply keep the cake in an airtight container.

10What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made by direct deposit to a bank account, cash or cheque. A deposit of 50% of the agreed price will be due before commencing the cake and final payment must be made on either collection or delivery.

11Can I order my cake over the phone?
Yes, you can order over the phone. We can help with suggestions if you’re not sure what you want. If you would like a photo on your cake, you can email it to us.
12Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
Once the cake is iced, it’s sealed and will stay fresh for days!
13How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

We tell brides six months prior to the wedding is good planning.  However, it is primarily based on availability.  (We have done wedding cakes with a week’s notice, but of course, it’s not our recommended process!) Another perk to ordering ahead of time is the price.  If you put a deposit down, it not only reserves your date but also locks in that price.  If for any reason the price per serving goes up, your wedding cake price will stay the same!  Good deal!